About Us

Our Front Line, Management and Executive Leadership

Kent’s strength is due to our greatest asset – our exceptional people who are empowered to ensure our customers’ success.

With indispensable front line professionals, dedicated senior management and a committed executive leadership team, Kent delivers industry knowledge, experience,  thought leadership and customer service that is second to none.

Our Front Line

You are in safe hands with our people at the front line of our business.

Our removalists, valets, operations personnel, administrators, account managers and support teams live and breathe service excellence and are fully committed to ensuring exceptional relocation experiences.

Our Managers

Our team of senior managers are responsible for our regional, branch and head office functions, along with the outcomes of our service delivery.

They are dedicated to support and guide our network of removal and relocation specialists, while also playing a key role in attracting, developing and retaining a quality workforce.

Their collective experience, specialist skills and talent empowers our front line people with the right tools, training, and infrastructure to best serve our customers, so they will continue to partner with us.

Our Executive Leadership

As the only Australian headquartered and privately owned tier one relocation and removals company, we are proudly helmed by our dynamic board, Executive Chairman Graham Kent and Non-Executive Director Wayne Kent.

Our board members are passionate about leading the industry by example and are driven by achieving service excellence… in fact, they guarantee it!

Graham Kent, Executive Chairman, Kent Relocation Services image

Graham Kent, Executive Chairman

Wayne Kent, non Executive Director, Kent Relocation Services image

Wayne Kent, non Executive Director

Speak to One of Us

If you would like to learn more about how we can partner for your success, or would like to speak to us otherwise, please feel free to contact us today.

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